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Aftercare for your Tattoos



Days 1-2: After you've been tattooed, it's important to take off the bandage after the first 24-48 hours and clean your tattoo with unscented  antibacterial soap and warm water. Air dry or pat dry, then apple a THIN layer of aquaphor or another healing ointment.  

Days 3-4: Continue to apply aquaphor occasionally and keep the tattoo clean.

Days 5-7: You can stop using aquaphor and switch over to an unscented moisturizing lotion. Your tattoo with be scabbing and it's very normal for the healing process. DO NOT pick or pull the scabs off, let them fall off naturally. Avoid wearing clothes that can snag at the scabs. 

WEEK 2-3: 

Moisturize regularly, and DO NOT itch your tattoo or pick at the scabs! Lightly slap or pat your tattoos if they become itchy and uncomfortable. 

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